30 Nov, 2020

Acceleration Digital Transformation With security

by nVisium

As 2020 comes to a close and we still find our organization sin continued lockdowns, many companies are using the time to evaluate and implement new digital transformation projects. But are they also opening the door to cybercriminals with new security vulnerabilities in the process?

The Digital Transformation Imperative

Put simply, digital transformation is usually a project-centered approach to transform business operations or services by replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or automations. It sometimes also requires replacing older digital technology with newer or more-modern variations. CIO magazine expands on this definition in an article titled “What is digital transformation? A necessary disruption”:

“Ideally led by the CEO, in partnership with CIOs, CHROs and other senior leaders, digital transformation requires cross-departmental collaboration in pairing business-focused philosophies with rapid application development models.

Such sweeping changes are typically undertaken in pursuit of new business models and new revenue streams, driven by changes in customer expectations around products and services.”

The article goes on to identify the punchline for why digital transformation is so critical to business success today:

“For the past several years, companies have embarked on digital transformation journeys to counter the potential for disruption from incumbents and startups.”

Unfortunately, the introduction of that much digital innovation generally also opens the door to new cyber vulnerabilities which will need to be accommodated.

Security's Role In Digital Transformation

Whenever any amount of new digitization enters an organization, you open the door for IT security vulnerabilities. As you can imagine, given that digital transformation projects tend to be significant, usually in the form of revolutionary changes, so the corresponding increase in potential entry points for hackers is also rather significant.

A CSOonline article titled “What is security's role in digital transformation?” reported on why security is so critical to digital transformation projects:

“Security leaders need to be prepared for the additional risks that digital transformation presents. According to Ponemon's Digital Transformation and Cyber Risk report, 82% of IT security and C-level respondents said they experienced at least one data breach because of digital transformation. 

One cause for the added risk is an increased reliance on third parties, which 55% of respondents said were responsible for at least one of their breaches. Despite the reliance on third parties, 58% said they do not have a third-party cyber risk management program, and 56% of C-level executives said it was challenging to know whether third parties had policies and practices to guarantee the security of their information.”

The article goes on to pinpoint the specific issue that causes the vulnerabilities:

“The primary cause of vulnerabilities introduced during digital transformation projects is misalignment between security and the C-suite, according to the Ponemon report. Only 16% of respondents said IT and lines of business were fully aligned.”

So, it goes without saying that alignment is mission critical to success in digital transformation projects and having the right partner can ensure that success because it will take an objective 3rd party to bridge the communication gap.

Your Digital Transformation Security Partner

Choosing the right partner to help with digital transformation security goes beyond just identifying security defects. The right partner will focus on helping you meaningfully triage, and fix vulnerabilities discovered during testing. That partner should provide exceptional remediation advice, which is specific, actionable, and aimed at reducing engineering overhead typically associated with mitigating security issues while also aligning the C-suite with the final deliverables.

nVisium empowers organizations to eliminate application and cloud security vulnerabilities before cyber threats exploit them with proven in-depth security assessments, remediation and training programs. Our experienced team of security-savvy developers and engineers guide organizations to build best practices with high ROI into their engineering and secure development lifecycles across applications, operating systems, networks, mobile, cloud and IoT through services, software solutions and R&D unique to business operations and compliance initiatives. Additionally, nVisium provides a fully managed platform for tracking and measuring performance as well as instructor-led and online training.

nVisium is a proven and trusted partner experienced in numerous digital transformation security projects. Give us a call to better understand how you can more effectively handle digital transformation security in order to improve C-suite/project alignment as well as ensure your digital transformation projects don’t open new security vulnerabilities, or better yet schedule a consultation today or download our new eBook titled “Demystifying DevSecOps” to get started yourself.

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