23 Nov, 2020

Demystifying DevSecOps eBook

by nVisium

We recently completed a survey that revealed only 35% of respondents classify security awareness training as a ‘top priority’ while working remotely, and nearly half say that their DevOps teams are not experts in understanding how to protect at home wireless networks.

New eBook: Demystifying DevSecOps

Approximately 250 responses were analyzed, and the results revealed that many organizations do not fully comprehend the critical need for implementing continuous security training initiatives, particularly during a time where corporate network attack surfaces are increasing and being exposed to millions of new endpoints. As remote working continues in prominence, IT teams must also have the skills and ability to implement the appropriate security measures to support this. However, nVisium’s research reveals that only 18% of respondents deliver company-wide standard monthly reports on the latest security breaches and exploits, while a startling 40% say that their organization’s developers are not experts in cybersecurity.

Some other key findings from nVisium’s research include:

  • Nearly 60% of respondents say that their organization’s cybersecurity training investment costs have either decreased or stayed the same since the start of remote working.
  • Less than 30% of respondents say that integrating security tools and processes throughout the DevOps pipeline is a top priority.

The results of this survey have also been included in our new eBook to educate on the best practices for DevSecOps as we move into 2021. You can also checkout our new DevSecOps webpage on the subject here


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