25 May, 2020

DevSec Mentoring From Home

by nVisium

The failure to recognize and remediate any critical security vulnerabilities, design flaws or privacy and compliance issues across any platform can be detrimental to an organization’s productivity, profitability and reputation. This means that something is needed to ensure developers and engineers are security-savvy, utilizing leading-edge assessment and training tools with proven agility and knowledge of next generation security programs. But how do you ensure your team has the latest information relative to each programming language or development environment?

devsecops from home

DevSecOps delivers a combination of programming knowledge with strong communication skills to streamline development tasks and integrate with other departments across the enterprise. A Harvard University blog titled “How to Become a DevSecOps Engineer” offers this description:

“DevSecOps engineers work in collaboration with DevOps engineers to address and eliminate security vulnerabilities during development. They need to have a good understanding of automated security tools to detect vulnerabilities. DevSecOps engineers require great collaboration and communication skills. They have to share their knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities with the entire team. They are also responsible for cloud security, and provide support to infrastructure users. They do this by building secure software from the start.”

Unfortunately, the current pandemic has forced most organizations into work from home scenarios. A CIO Dive article titled “Why CIOs should make DevSecOps a priority during the COVID-19 crisis” reported:

“DevSecOps has been around for more than a decade now, but the recent increase in internet and app usage has highlighted the importance of this idea as never before.

Before the pandemic, 85% of organizations said they were implementing DevSecOps; 25% of respondents said DevSecOps was well-developed in their companies.

Anecdotal evidence suggests these numbers are likely to rise over the next few months — more people using apps means more breaches in security for mobile apps.”

This is building the case for needing a new way to look at security training for the development and operations teams.

why devsec mentoring?

Only leading-edge application and cloud security assessments combined with proven development and integration design, oversight and training will protect against increasingly sophisticated and ever-changing cyber threats. But, how do you ensure your development teams have that level of knowledge without hiring a dedicated mentor?

Any security vulnerability unintentionally coded into your applications or cloud security can be devastating to your organization. So, it is becoming a mission critical imperative to expand the knowledge of security teams beyond simply “how to write secure code”. In the age of increasingly sophisticated and ever-changing cyber threats, what’s needed is a platform ensures that developers are up to date on the latest security assessment and technology innovations, allowing them to uncover and eliminate security vulnerabilities before the exploitation of cyber threats can occur. 

The focus should be on keeping your team as productive as possible, while teaching them the concrete techniques they need to absorb to build better software. Logistics for this level of material specific to each programming language and development environment are often challenging and costly to arrange secure development training. A solution should be cost effective, with immersive material on-par with the experience you would have with a real person standing over your shoulder, guiding you.

What is needed is a platform which enables developers and security teams to learn secure best practices by building and developing code from anywhere, especially during these “shelter in place” times.

devsec mentoring made easy

nVisium’s DevSec Mentor training platform was created with the intension of replacing outdated teaching methods such as CBTs (Computer-Based Training), instead providing an in-depth and engaging online training experience. Training focuses on how application security vulnerabilities manifest, requiring participants to find and remediate high risk code in order to progress.

One of the more difficult issues with training is demonstrating the real-world impact of a specific vulnerability. nVisium uses games to teach developers and information security professionals to think like hackers by launching real-world attacks against applications and seeing the impact of these attacks as they land against other teams in the event. Depending on the style of game requested, defensive players may then implement fixes, and watch attacks fail in real time.

Isn’t it time to treat your developers to the latest training and information to ensure their skills are up to standards while working from home?   Schedule a demo today.

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