12 Apr, 2021

nVisium Bluescape Case Study

by nVisium

When scaling operations and building new infrastructures, it is vital that organizations test and evaluate how secure applications are from the ground up before they are implemented, as the security of a particular architecture or infrastructure should never be an afterthought. nVisium takes great pride in working with companies like Bluescape, who have created a platform that helps empower the remote workforce, particularly in present times where these collaborative environments are critical.

The Problem

Bluescape creates collaboration solutions that help distributed teams perform their best–at work, on the go, and at home. Its virtual work platform empowers colleagues to see the big picture, make better decisions, and drive positive results. Customers include Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, higher education, and leaders in media and entertainment. Within the COVID-19 pandemic and the uptick in remote working, Bluescape is the next best thing to being in the same room. The platform enables teams to get more done, more efficiently, going far beyond the average collaboration tool.

Bluescape developed a new global architecture for their next generation collaboration platform. One of their critical needs was an effective architecture and controls validation review to identify design flaws that could potentially expose the platform and its infrastructure technology stack to insecure configuration in an operational environment.

The solution

Bluescape engaged nVisium to provide skilled security engineering resources to conduct the validation review of the new global architecture. nVisium not only validated the strength of the established engineering practices and conducted a thorough validation of the architecture within a short period, but also identified and proposed actionable remedial guidance for observed gaps in technology, configuration and processes. The nVisium team collaborated with Bluescape’s CISO, CTO and DevOps leaders efficiently to deliver a comprehensive engagement and final summary readout that was well received by Bluescape’s executive constituents on time, cost-effectively, and in-line with a growing company’s budget expectations.

"Engineering validation is an important, long term endeavor that can verify if the DevOps processes of an organization are secure by nature, and is something that all organizations should seek," said Mark Willis, Chief Information Security Officer at Bluescape. "As a highly qualified third-party, nVisium helped confirm the validity of our security processes while also pinpointing a few areas of improvement where we can implement even tighter security measures. As an organization, we were highly impressed with the level of detail and insight nVisium provided with their cost-effective review of our architecture and would highly recommend them to any organization looking to have such a review performed."

Making Security Architecture A Top Priority

nVisium firmly believes that the security of an architecture should be top priority from day one. The company's highly comprehensive secure architecture review services separate them from traditional security consultancies and distinguishes nVisium as experts in the field. By analyzing the way organizations build, deploy, and maintain their software architecture, nVisium can understand a company's full attack surface and risk model while helping them build a resilient custom-made strategy that protects their software, infrastructure, and users.

nVisium empowers organizations to eliminate application and cloud security vulnerabilities before cyber threats exploit them with proven in-depth security assessments, remediation and training programs. Our experienced team of security-savvy developers and engineers guide organizations to build best practices with high ROI into their engineering and secure development lifecycles across applications, operating systems, networks, mobile, cloud and IoT through services, software solutions and R&D unique to business operations and compliance initiatives. Additionally, nVisium provides a fully managed platform for tracking and measuring performance as well as instructor-led and online training.

nVisium will help implement a SDLC program that is low friction and high value to your development and security teams. Our security-savvy team implements leading-edge assessment techniques and world-class secure development training programs to eliminate vulnerabilities for both global enterprises as well as startup organizations, so when you are ready, schedule a consultation today or download our eBook titled “Demystifying DevSecOps” to get started yourself.

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