Demystifying DevSecOps eBook

We recently completed a survey that revealed only 35% of respondents classify security awareness training as a ‘top priority’ while working remotely, and nearly half say that their DevOps teams are not experts in understanding how to protect at home wireless networks.

BLOG Nov 23

6 Ways To Make Your DevSec Training Stick In Your Employee's Mind

Poor employee training has been well documented to cost companies significantly in reduced productivity as well as actual hard budget in mistakes and having great employees leave. This problem is even more magnified in the development organization where poor training can not only cost internal budget but may result in an IT security breach that will have an even bigger negative impact.

BLOG Nov 16

Why You Should Assess Security Controls In The Cloud

While cloud computing as a phrase appeared as early as 1996 in a Compaq internal document according to Wikipedia, the first true cloud computing platform was released in 2006 and the movement to cloud based computing has gained strength significantly since then. As you can imagine, this has also increased the interest in new security vulnerabilities opening up to cyber criminals.

BLOG Nov 09

What Are The Benefits Of An Integrated Security System

While the number of reported data breaches is down in 2020 year to date from 2019, the number is still alarming. Given that any one breach could be devastating to your organization, don’t you think it’s time to look into an integrated security system approach to application and infrastructure development process?

BLOG Nov 02

How To Protect Your Software And Infrastructure With A Secure Architecture Review

Understanding the full attack surface and risk model for your software architecture by analyzing the way it’s built, deployed, and maintained is the best way to ensure a potential attack doesn’t become a compromise. Testing your products and building a strategy that protects your software, infrastructure, and users with a secure architecture review is paramount to ensure your company is protected from cyberattacks.

BLOG Oct 26

How To Improve Mobile Application Security With A Security Application Test

While we discussed “How A Mobile Security Assessment Can Improve Privacy And Security For Users” in a previous blog, we failed to discuss the extent of the reasons and extent of why your mobile applications are vulnerable. It turns out that 10’s of millions of total mobile malware detections trying to infect your mobile apps and hundreds of thousands of new mobile malware show up quarterly as well.

BLOG Oct 19

How Do You Know If Your Mobile Or Web Applications Are Secure?

How many apps do you have on your phone? What about your computer? How often do you use or even depend on them? How secure do you think they are? TechRepublic reported “cyberattacks are helping criminals in total to make more than $1.5 trillion in revenue each year.” Given how profitable cyberattacks have become, it certainly warrants a deeper look into the targets, delivery vehicles and methods for prevention.

BLOG Oct 12

nVisium Is Looking For Great Talent

The security market seems to always be hot, and we at nVisium have enjoyed increasing success. If you are as interested in eliminating application and cloud security vulnerabilities before cyber threats exploit them with proven in-depth security assessments, remediation and training programs., then nVisium is the place you should be.

BLOG Oct 05

Exposing Security Weaknesses Of Your IoT Devices

As a modernized society, we have come to rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) for everything from turning our lights on and off, regulating temperature, and self-driving to a specific address to reporting glucose levels to the doctor or delivering a drone strike to a military target. Done correctly IoT is an effective means to improve our very existence, but when a single vulnerability is exploited by a cybercriminal, it can lead to damage that ranges from the sublime (i.e. nuisance behavior) to the extreme (i.e. theft, destruction or even death).

BLOG Sep 21

How A Mobile Security Assessment Can Improve Privacy And Security For Users

Of the 7.8 billion plus people in the world, it turns out that 5.15 billion are also cell phone users. According to Forbes there are also now 8.9 million mobile apps to run on those billions of phones. Is it no wonder that cyber criminals also target mobile as aggressively as every other target?

BLOG Sep 14