Spyware And Stalkerware On The Rise

From Austin Powers and James Bond to Fatal Attraction and Swim Fan, Hollywood has capitalized on spies and stalkers to entertain the world. In the digital world it seems that cybercriminals emulate this with their version of malware. Specifically we are talking about spyware and stalkerware, which seem to be gaining a lot of attention during the pandemic.

BLOG Aug 10

DevSecOps Matter

The current social media frenzy is clearly buzzing around #BlackLivesMatter and that has spawned a myriad of copycats ranging from #AllLivesMatter to #MyCatMatters. So, not to be outdone and certainly not to diminish the importance of those previously mentioned social media movements, we would like to offer a sentiment directed to the c-suite in enterprises to better understand the emergence of new roles in the security department. Specifically, #DevSecOpsMatter.

BLOG Jul 06

Understanding 5 Threat Actors And 7 Threat Actions

Actors and their actions are not always a function of Hollywood movies. If you use the Oscars as a measurement of public taste, then Hollywood seems to reward the villains more often than not. While you may have loved the Joker or even Hannibal Letcher, the threat actors and actions that impact corporations daily are as far from award winning as they come.

BLOG Jun 15

5 Reasons To Train In DevSec

Ongoing training is mandatory to maintain and improve your skillset period.  It doesn’t make a difference if this is a world class athlete, business executive or average employee, all will benefit from ongoing training. Unfortunately, there is one group that often gets overlooked when it comes to ongoing training and that is your developers.

BLOG Jun 08

What Is DevSecOps and Why Should You Care?

Increasingly sophisticated and ever-changing cyber threats require new levels of security assessment, software code development and integration design, oversight, and penetration testing across applications, operating systems, networks, mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT). This has given rise to a new variation of DevOps that accommodates security. While some call it SecDevOPs and some call it DevOpsSec, the majority have settled on calling it DevSecOps.

BLOG May 18