How To Improve Mobile Application Security With A Security Application Test

While we discussed “How A Mobile Security Assessment Can Improve Privacy And Security For Users” in a previous blog, we failed to discuss the extent of the reasons and extent of why your mobile applications are vulnerable. It turns out that 10’s of millions of total mobile malware detections trying to infect your mobile apps and hundreds of thousands of new mobile malware show up quarterly as well.

BLOG Oct 19

nVisium Is Looking For Great Talent

The security market seems to always be hot, and we at nVisium have enjoyed increasing success. If you are as interested in eliminating application and cloud security vulnerabilities before cyber threats exploit them with proven in-depth security assessments, remediation and training programs., then nVisium is the place you should be.

BLOG Oct 05

Exposing Security Weaknesses Of Your IoT Devices

As a modernized society, we have come to rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) for everything from turning our lights on and off, regulating temperature, and self-driving to a specific address to reporting glucose levels to the doctor or delivering a drone strike to a military target. Done correctly IoT is an effective means to improve our very existence, but when a single vulnerability is exploited by a cybercriminal, it can lead to damage that ranges from the sublime (i.e. nuisance behavior) to the extreme (i.e. theft, destruction or even death).

BLOG Sep 21

How A Mobile Security Assessment Can Improve Privacy And Security For Users

Of the 7.8 billion plus people in the world, it turns out that 5.15 billion are also cell phone users. According to Forbes there are also now 8.9 million mobile apps to run on those billions of phones. Is it no wonder that cyber criminals also target mobile as aggressively as every other target?

BLOG Sep 14

5 Steps To Expose Vulnerabilities With An Application Security assessment

There is a constant battle between cybercriminals and IT security staff especially when it comes to code developed inhouse. The belief that a single missed punctuation or use of a specific (thought to be) trusted open-sourced library or code fragment could potentially open up new security leaks or vulnerabilities is a daily reality as seen with the volume of news touting new breaches. Standard quality practices should also include ongoing security assessments in order to get ahead of this curve.

BLOG Sep 07

Secure Software Development Life Cycles Made Simple

If you lead a software development team you are obviously familiar with Software development Life Cycles (SDLC) methodologies. But it doesn’t matter if you have adopted the Waterfall, V-shaped, Iterative, Spiral, Big Bang or an Agile model, as they will all need some adaptation for security, especially as more cyberattacks are reported daily.

BLOG Aug 31

Continuous Security Assessments Come Of Age

IT Security professionals know that there are always multiple ways to solve a given security challenge. Specific methodologies provide a level of confidence for specific circumstances so it is no surprise that something as important as security assessments also have multiple approaches.

BLOG Aug 24

Spyware And Stalkerware On The Rise

From Austin Powers and James Bond to Fatal Attraction and Swim Fan, Hollywood has capitalized on spies and stalkers to entertain the world. In the digital world it seems that cybercriminals emulate this with their version of malware. Specifically we are talking about spyware and stalkerware, which seem to be gaining a lot of attention during the pandemic.

BLOG Aug 10

DevSecOps Matter

The current social media frenzy is clearly buzzing around #BlackLivesMatter and that has spawned a myriad of copycats ranging from #AllLivesMatter to #MyCatMatters. So, not to be outdone and certainly not to diminish the importance of those previously mentioned social media movements, we would like to offer a sentiment directed to the c-suite in enterprises to better understand the emergence of new roles in the security department. Specifically, #DevSecOpsMatter.

BLOG Jul 06

Understanding 5 Threat Actors And 7 Threat Actions

Actors and their actions are not always a function of Hollywood movies. If you use the Oscars as a measurement of public taste, then Hollywood seems to reward the villains more often than not. While you may have loved the Joker or even Hannibal Letcher, the threat actors and actions that impact corporations daily are as far from award winning as they come.

BLOG Jun 15