28 Dec, 2020

Wishing You A Happy, Healthy & Safe New Year

by nVisium

From all of us at nVisium, we would just like to extend a huge note of gratitude to all of our existing customers as well as all of our potentially new customers and partners reading this blog today.

2021 Brings New Opportunities

As we look forward to exciting new opportunities in 2021, we just want to remind you to add to your New Year’s Resolutions a goal to schedule your Security Assessments early to protect your organization.

About nVisium

nVisium empowers organizations to eliminate application and cloud security vulnerabilities before cyber threats exploit them with proven in-depth security assessments, remediation and training programs. Our experienced team of security-savvy developers and engineers guide organizations to build best practices with high ROI into their engineering and secure development lifecycles across applications, operating systems, networks, mobile, cloud and IoT through services, software solutions and R&D unique to business operations and compliance initiatives. Additionally, nVisium provides a fully managed platform for tracking and measuring performance as well as instructor-led and online training.

As your New Year's Resolution you should give us a call when you start your Network security strategy update or better yet, schedule a consultation today or download our new eBook titled “Demystifying DevSecOps” to get started yourself.

And if you are interested in joining the nVisium team, then check our our career page.

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